Skye story...

We had always wanted a dog but had talked ourselves out of it for 11 years. I work for myself and spend a lot of my time alone and being a sociable chatty type of person I was finding myself feeling a little lonely both at work and at home on my days off as my girlfriend works regular weeks and I usually have a Monday and Tuesday off work. Whilst feeling this way one gloomy day before Christmas I decided I would feel far less alone if I had a furry companion to share my days with and so we made the decision to have a dog. We always wanted a Husky and at the time had no idea about Malamutes and had never heard of the breed. It was purely by luck that I happened to be cleaning a woman’s car and couldn't help notice how much fur there was in the back of the car; Sound familiar? I asked her about the dog and she told me she had a Malamute and explained what the breed was and told me about AMCUK RESCUE. On getting home that evening I immediately Goggled Malamutes and the rescue site and started to do my homework about the breed. I spent nearly 3 and a half months reading and watching videos on YouTube and we pretty much fell in love with Malamutes. When the time felt right and we were as prepared as we were ever going to be. I went to the rescue site and excitedly downloaded the adoption form and filled it out. I remember the moment I sent it off was very exciting as our 11 years of over thinking had come to an end. I remember eagerly awaiting a reply from AMCUK Rescue and I was actually talking to another dog owner when the phone rang and they contacted me. They informed about the home check and a whole new chapter of anxiety kicked in. As we had spent so much time thinking about having a dog, the home check was very important to us and I actually lost sleep worrying about it. As it goes it was a real pleasure to meet the home checker and all my worries were unfounded. Having passed the checks we just had to sit and wait until a suitable dog came along. After about a week or so we were told about Skye. We were given her history and she had passed her assessment with flying colours.

Skye was still living with her owner and was very much loved, but was also living with 7 Huskies and what was right for the Huskies was not right for a Malamute and Skye was quite depressed and didn't really fit with the pack. It seemed she knew she was different and was becoming more solitary and avoiding pack life which meant she was alone more and more and depression was setting in. Her owner knew that Skye needed to be rehomed as much as it would cause sorrow. We arranged to meet Skye and drove up to see her. I remember seeing her for the first time. She was a little flat eared and her tail did not look happy, it was a bit sad and held low. I called her name and she came over to me and sat at my feet. I crouched down and gave her a big fuss doing a bit of a test with her by touching her ears and feet to see if she would accept me touching her. She didn't mind at all and in fact gave me a big hug back nearly pushing me over backwards. We decided there and then that she had found her new home with us and arranged to collect her a week later.

The next week passed slowly and we got ourselves ready for a new family member. We bought her a bed and a few tough toys and waited to collect our new friend. On pick up day we arrived and she seemed to recognise us from our earlier meeting, which was rather nice and made it feel all the much better.  I was handed the lead and Skye looked up at me and then decided we were off for a walk, and as you may well know, when a Malamute decides you’re going for a walk it pretty much happens and she dragged me off to the nearest grass. We put her in the car and she seemed very content to be with us. I sat in the back of the car with her with her harness  on and  after about half an hour on the journey home she looked over at me and leant forward and bumped my nose and licked the end of it as if to say " Yes, we can be friends" It was very sweet and a moment I will never forget…our bonding started there and then.

We arrived home and I took her to the garden to show her where she could pee etc. and then took her for a walk. That first walk was a very energetic affair as everything was so new to her and she needed to check out her new territory. She sniffed about the house and we showed her the bed and new toys. She soon settled and about 2 hours after getting her back she fell in to a deep and sound sleep obviously happy with her new home. It was wonderful to see her settle in such a short time.  It seems my homework had paid off and we had done all we could to help her feel at home. I was so worried about transitioning her well that it was me that was losing the sleep while Skye was very at ease. Unfortunately she doesn't use her bed and I ended up sleeping on it one night when she seemed a little anxious. It was a real pleasure to kip down with her. Since then we have been to music festivals and both slept in the back of van. Only problem is she snores like a rattling drain pipe and I don't get any sleep. But hey! For the love of a Moot.

Skye now spends all of her time with me and I take her pretty much everywhere with me. She waits patiently for me while I work and when I have finished I take her for a walk and am patient with her while she has a little Skye time. All in all we have no regrets about adopting her and the floor and our lives would be empty without her. The rescue people said she was right for us and they were right, Skye is a truly wonderful, caring and loving dog. It is a pleasure to share our lives with her and I am so happy we were right for her.

 It's a joy everyday day being a Malamutes Human. Dean Johnson and Christine Churchill

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