Rogue story...


Rogue came into rescue foster care in late February 2006, at 17 months of age. She had whelped a litter at age 12 months and, on intake, weighed about half her normal adult weight. Professional evaluation revealed that she had never been socialized or trained but had been left alone in a run with another dog from puppy-hood. She had never been inside a home and was terrified of every-thing new, frightened of men and children.

After a few months of foster care and assessment, Rogue went to her new home on May 25, 2006 after beginning socialisation and health/weight gains with  a highly-skilled Malamute breeder.

She thrived and settled and, to everyone’s surprise, accepted a male puppy—another rescue dog, of course—into the household about six months later. The two completely bonded (Rogue gets the best treats, though, but Solo understands.)

Rogue spent the next couple of years training, competing, travelling, trying new things, meeting new dogs, attending obedience classes and workshops, and going on walks with groups of up to 20 other Malamutes.

Sadly, she ruptured her ACL (knee) in June 2010—chasing her red beloved ball!—and had major surgery to repair it. She was a model patient and made a full recovery. Sadly, she and the red ball are a thing of the past now.

In February 2011, Rogue and her pal Solo flew to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and are living there for two to three years. True to form, Rogue adapted well, is a star in the neighbourhood, and keeps a close eye on Solo. She spends her days watching the geckos on the ceilings, too, and waiting for the next Bonio.

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