Maya story...


Maya came into my life about a year after I got my first Malamute, Stan.
Before her arrival I had already realised the urge for another malamute, a desire which had been spurred on particularly as I had just started working Stan and desperately wanted to get a regular team mate. However I also knew that another puppy with an adolescent young man and my level of experience was only a thread short of insanity and so the idea of an older lady to put him in his place during these difficult teenage months, and who would be able to get straight into working without waiting to mature out of puppyhood, had a lot more appeal.
I started looking at the Malamute Rescue website regularly and while browsing one day came across Maya (then Mia), a 5 year old lady looking for a new home through no fault of her own. For whatever reason she caught my eye, and after thinking over the reality of another dog made the enquiries. Necessary checks and paperwork completed, I made a trip to Wales to meet her and before I knew it I had a second Malamute on my hands.

Maya’s personality shone through from day one – a vocal lady who always had something to say and the kind of girl who I suspect from the early days to have not accepted being anything less than top dog. But in typical Malamute style went even more puppy like than Stan during playtime and was utterly cheeky if I let her get away with it.

The bossy quality didn’t make integrating her with Stan the easiest thing I’d ever done with him in full teenage awkwardness, but was a definite learning experience. It took a few months of hard work, but we soon went from on-lead supervised time together only, to having the two of them happily snuggling on the sofa together and they are now like the married couple of my pack.

Despite no prior experience, she took to working in harness with enthusiasm and vigour. She proved to be the leader we were looking for with Stan, and has a wonderful attentiveness to commands (even though she does still sometimes choose to ignore them) and the natural motivation for keep that line tight. She loves scootering on her own as much as she enjoys running coupled or in a larger team, and more recently discovered an enjoyment of weightpulling - particularly the part where she decides enough is enough and just stops!

I consider Maya one of the many examples of just how wonderful a rescue dog can be, whatever the age at which they join your pack, and she holds a very special place in my heart.

Maya is loved and owned by Alanna Johan Blaney & Keith Booth

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