Maverick story...

Amy Little Wins 2011 ABSA J1 Junior Championship with MAVERICK, an AMCUK Rescue dog.

The Little family, of Basingstoke, Hampshire, has three AMCUK Rescue dogs—Nunuk, Lola and the 2010 addition, Maverick. The Littles have been strong Rescue supporters in both adoptions and volunteer work with homechecks, fostering and dog assessments.

Nunuk has been racing for two seasons on various teams (even at Aviemore in Scotland) while Lola prefers to live the life of a dainty lady and watch such going-on from afar most of the time. See daughter Amy’s earlier contributed ‘Case Study’ linked below. This year, with the addition of three-year-old Maverick to Team Little, Amy found the perfect partner to move forward in her career as a junior musher—and, in fact, came out on top as the season ended.

Amy also earned the perpetual trophy for Fastest Malamute Junior Team for the year and says that Maverick was “born to run.”

The Littles—Dad Stewart, Mum Pat, Amy and younger sister Zoe, had been waiting for a third dog and when Rescue Coordinator Sam Walker, assessed Maverick prior to his intake into the AMCUK Rescue Program. Sam told Amy’s mum, Pat Little, who’d been fostering other dogs and waiting for ‘just the right family working dog’ that she thought she had, in fact, found the perfect dog for the Little family.

Amy was featured in her school’s newspaper, ‘Cranbourne Catch-Up’ and made a presentation to her fellow Year 7 students to tell them about her adventures with Maverick. Mrs Crichton, the Year 7 Progress Manager at Cranbourne, said, “This is such a great result for Amy and a really interesting sport for us all to learn about. We are really pleased for her.” While it’s true that not all Malamutes are suitable for all families (and we don’t place rescue Malamutes where there are children under five years of age) Amy and Maverick are proof yet again that Alaskan Malamutes and children, in the right environment and with the right understanding of pack hierarchy, exercise and socialisation needs, can be a winning combination.

Part of the job of AMCUK volunteers—the regional rescue coordinators, assessors, fosterers and head Rescue Coordinator, is to match the family’s needs and dog experience and abilities, plus future plans, to each and every dog in order to find the best match possible and achieve a high placement success rate.
In this case, as in nearly all cases, it certainly worked! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO AMY AND MAVERICK from all of us at AMCUK Rescue.

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