Lola story...

Our story
In the summer Paul & I were finally lucky enough to move to our dream house in the middle of the North Pennines.  It wasn’t long before we wanted to enhance that perfect life further by getting a dog.  I found a cross northern Inuit style dog in the Newcastle cats & dog shelter but after a lot of deliberation decided that he wasn’t quite right for us, but I loved his size and potential so did lots of research into Malamutes and found someone at work who owns Diesel, a big lumbering sweetheart of a boy who I wasn’t allergic to!  That was it for me – smitten by the breed.  We decided we would apply to adopt a Malamute as I am a real sucker for the homeless and wanted to offer a fantastic country home for life.We were both delighted that when we were accepted and although I was chomping at the bit and really excited I was prepared to be patient and wait a few months while Sam found me the right dog.A couple of days later while I was out at friends in a no signal area I had various messages and texts from Sam via my daughter asking if we could do an urgent rescue and travel to south Yorkshire to pick up a puppy and foster her.  She sent me this photo – what would you do?

Well I left the relatives with a half cooked Sunday lunch and my daughter & I drove down to York to collect Lola.

The Rescue

Anna, an AMCUK Rescue volunteer had a knock on her door one Friday night from a young lad about 18 years of age.  This lad had very bravely and with the best intentions bought Lola to get her out of some appalling conditions and did his very best to look after her.  He didn’t have the time or experience, lived in a flat but tried his best, until the reality of such a big commitment hit him.  Lola was poorly, not house-trained and a little distressed.  He knew that Anna was the ‘sled-dog woman’ in his village.  He was crying whilst asking for help and was desperate and didn’t know where to turn.  Anna rescued Lola and took her in for the night.  She could only have her for one night due to work commitments, so what else could I do but meet Anna & Lola at Allerton Park and collect her. She was as good as gold in the car and sat on the back seat of my little Fiat 500 with my daughter.  She had an upset stomach, sticky eyes, was underweight and a little nervous.After a trip to the vet’s and lots of patience, bland food and a small fortune Lola has settled down very nicely.  Sam asked us if we would foster her as she knew our preference was a fully grown Malamute.  Our first choice was a full grown black & white boy.  Meet Lola, now she is a six month red and white girl puppy - she’s going nowhere she’s our dog for life!

Lola’s story

Wooo – rarrrf! Well I first met my new mum & pack leader, Carole and Raphy, her human daughter (my new pack equal!) when they picked me up from a car park where there were lots of very big grown up Malamutes pulling heavy weights.  I hope I get to be as good looking as they are when I grow up.  I was feeling very poorly and had a bad tummy and was a bit runny, my eyes were sore and I was a bit thin and quite nervous.  It was all so new and I was a bit scared.  My new Dad, Paul is great he is much softer than mum, when she’s not around he gives me extra chicken.  There’s also Mike who comes home from work and takes me out for a walk when everyone else is at work.  They were all very good and took it in turns to sleep on the settee for the first few nights until I stopped being scared of my new house.  They bought me a new big cage and a comfy bed but most of the time I prefer the nice cool tiles in the kitchen & dining room.

My new house is great – there are loads of hills, trees, rivers and rabbits, rabbits, you wouldn’t believe how many rabbits there are!  I caught my first mouse but Dad took it off me – Grrr.  There are some ducks living next door that I quite fancy but I’ll wait until Mum isn’t looking and get one. Yum.
They took me to the vets, he gave me some medicine and they fed me lots of chicken, rice and scrambled eggs so my tummy started feeling a lot better.  There was only one emergency night time trip to the vets when I was very sick – I had more medicine and some worming tablets and I’m feeling great now.  I feel much stronger and mum brushes me every day which is not my favourite thing but she lets me chew my bone & it keeps her happy.

I love it here – they take me for nice walks that are not long enough for me, but they have promised to take me for really long walks over those big hills when I get bigger. There was even snow here, loads of snow – it was great, I could bury my nose in it and make mum & dad laugh. I like to line up all of the shoes in the house, very neatly with a couple of bones in between as Mum likes it to be tidy. I’ve been to dog training which is really cool as the trainer is an Olympic agility trainer called Nigel.  I sit and wait by the sink for my dinner while mum goes & makes a cup of tea, after she puts it down on the floor – a bit daft but she likes it and always tells me what a good girl I am so it’s great.

I have some new friends, 2 big Italian Spinones called Hugo & Morgan; they love me, especially Hugo who chases me everywhere. I’ve also met Diesel who looks like me but is much BIGGER. I’ve met loads of other dogs & little humans and I like everyone I see.
I’ve only been here for six weeks and it’s brilliant - the only thing I don’t like about is the hoover.  I really can’t wait to tell you all about my next new adventures when I’ve been here longer……………………………..Rarrrf! I’m tired now so having a sleep…………………ZZZZZZZ

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