Kyla story...

After we lost our beautiful yet stubborn Malamute Angel to cancer we didn’t want to even consider having another dog, we missed her so so much. Angel was an AMCUK Rescue dog from some moons ago. Angel was such a challenge and so typical of the breed in many respects.

So we were at a point where we couldn't possibly consider adopting another Malamute, not just yet anyway...but then along came Kyla! A Malamute? I said, 'she looks like a big bear with a large coat on'! 'She's a long coat and she's very gentle' Sam replied.

Well after some emails backwards a forwards, well...we welcomed Kyla into our home.

Adopting Kyla all started when I joked with Sam at Rescue - shall I have another Malamute or a Labrador? Sam knows best! We love Mals but perhaps an old Lab might suit us now!!!!!...Sam replied 'Lab's are great yes...but I think you suit a Malamute if the right one comes along'...............The next thing I know we are picking up Kyla from the owner on “neutral ground” - Motorway services - “just to foster her and help Rescue” but an hour later we were in no doubt that we would keep her!!! She is so different from our first Malamute experience that I am still not sure she is not a large shaggy Lab after all! She walks beautifully to heel, loves children, tummy tickles and obeys commands straight away! She loves her walks and can even run (well perhaps lope!) after a stick now.

She woos for a carrot after her meals so I am glad we knew about that in advance, who would have guessed? I am going to try growing carrots this year to keep her supplied!

Kyla is a credit to her previous owners who saw parting with her as a very difficult decision but best for Kyla herself. She came to us with so much information we could slowly let her adapt to our routines over the six weeks fostering. So....we signed the papers, wrote the cheque and posted the forms to Sam! Thank you Sam and thank you AMCUK Rescue!

Kyla and Lynne's message to all the lovely readers: - 'We were certainly meant for each other – both being “mature and overweight” - we are going to get fit and grow old together'!.......We can't wait for the May Fun Day.......Lynne and Kyla x

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