Northern Ireland appeal!


All at AMCUK Rescue would like to say a great big thank you to you ALL for donating to the Northern Ireland appeal!

Thank you for the support, this will help us care for the dogs in a way they deserve.

We had DIG DEEP T-shirts made to help raise funds (Logo designed by Wintadreama Design

On behalf of all members AMWA have donated £1000

Sled Dog Welfare donated £1200

Hedd Richards, the Chairman of the Southern Newfoundland Club sent a donation of £500

Scottish Siberian Husky Club donated food, thank you also to Lesley Winning who kindly took the food to SKC show to be collected

Scottish Dogue De Bordeaux Support donated dog food, thank you also to Wendy Stewart who kindly took the food to SKC show to be collected

Laura contacted Burgess Pet Care and got a van FULL of food for the rescue dogs, 75 bags!!!!!

Chery contacted her local Pet Supplier THE KENNEL SHOP who donated bags of food.

Elaine Walker and Tate Shrimpton both contacted Royal Canin Dog Food who donated bags of dog food to all the dogs in the different locations

THANK YOU to so many people voting for AMCUK Rescue to win this bundle of goodies worth £50.00 from Just Dogs

Northern Ireland

Drew Bailey contacted J & M Pets hop and Pet Beds who donated 8 x 2 meters Vet bedding / 1x 4ft x 2ft bed/cushion and 32 bags of Wagg's dog food /

Kerry Jelfs and Pamela Wilkinson contacted Gilbertson and Page Dog Food Company who are sent some food and they also contacted Dean Wood who donated Bedding - 4 brand new duvets and pillow sets. and they contacted Toplife who make a milk supplement which is used for weaning puppies, great for dogs that need extra goodness after illness or neglect, they are sent out 10 cases of 18 cartons per case

Tate Shrimpton contacted Pets At Home who sent two pallets of food and she also collected some treatment spray, shampoo and more goodies from Lesley Garratt of Canine Design Grooming Academy

Lintbells donated Supplement 3 Yum puppy and 2 bottles of Salmon oil

Ange Anderson went in to Pets At Home and the store manager Kirsty gave her a £50.00 gift card to spend in store

Sarah Towers donated a dog hamper soft dog toy for raffle for Guess my name and she also donated a jar of dog treats for guess how many in the jar £81.00 was raised at the club show

Sammy Taylor donated a Dog treat tree that was sold at the AMCUK club show

Kirsti Burgess had a very successful day with her bake sale day and raised £106.13

Harringtons donated 16 X 2kgs bags of Puppy complete food

Georgina Aiston contacted Food Porton Aquatics & Pets Salisbury who donated bags of food

Vikki Hodgson contacted Franks Pro Gold who donated 20 bags of food

David Ballington managed to raise £165 for Rescue wearing his outfit all day at the club show

Northholm Pet Supplies donated Northolm Essentials Citrus Clean Shampoo 5 Litres and Thanks to Drew Bailey who collected this product and delivered to Marina Page who is looking after two of the dogs!!! For each customer making an order, Northholm they will donate 7.5% of the total order price to AMCUK Rescue

Hayley Waker donated some food and treats and also contacted HONEY’S REAL DOG FOOD who are sent us a box of dog treats and a voucher for one hamper of food!

Sharon Loades auctioned on her FB page Pedigree Best of Breed holdall / Kickbike / Large Outward Hound dog backpack that made £275.00

Maureen Boyd auctioned her hand made bracelets she made and raised £70.00

Georgina Mally-Mad Plaques raised £232.00 with selling her stock at auction - Mally-Mad Plaques

Lauren Horan auctioned a digital painting and raised £101.00 - /

Alfie and Charlie held a day event to help raise funds for the abandoned Malamutes They baked cakes to sell, they secured some fantastic raffle prizes for the raffle, with lots of other fun games to take part in, the boys have raised an amazing £411.000 .....50% to AMCUK and 50% to Benvardin Kennels

Nicola Singh contacted Kong, and they sent some goodies and she also contacted Millies Wolfhear who are sending out a few bags of food

Edward Forsey contacted Mark at PET FOOD TAKE AWAY and donated two bags of mixer

Sid Lymburn at Indi-Dog donated Collars and leads

Rockin Da Moots sent donation to AMCUK rescue and and Benvardin kennels from T shirt sales raising £236.00 ....50% to AMCUK and 50% to Benvardin Kennels

Nigel & Sandra - Nordikota - "Support the 40+" donated money sold from each clothes sale

Anna Darlow at Scruffs to Krufts and Dog Grooming Studio donated one full day dog grooming based on a days earnings £220, and also donated grooming treatment, shampoo and brushes

Louise Burgess contacted Groomers and they donated 15 liters of shampoo

Sara Barstow contacted her obedience trainer Wendy Barratt an animal communication DOGS B GOOD who are sent a Voucher and she also contacted Nestlé who sent a chocolate hamper to be auctioned....The box of chocolates and goodies donated by Nestlé has been auctioned for £40.00 at the Allerton weight pull BBQ, Sara contacted Danny Greenwood, Manager at Bradford Best Pets who gave £70+ worth of dog treats!!! And Sara herself donated 2 boxes of Nature diet for Lily. and contacted Fish4Dogs who sent out a box full of sample food!

Claire Taylor –  organised flea and worming treatment for every one of the malamutes that have come into rescue including for the puppies for their next three treatments!!!! and Claire Taylor also contacted Cambrian Pet Foods who have agreed to give 200 Kilos of their premium adult / puppy food! and Arranged by Claire Taylor 4 huge boxes of flea treatments, puppy toys & sample foods

Wintadreama Design donated £94.98

Jaimie Buchanan contacted Dog's Trust and sent out 20 neutering vouchers!

Sharr and Jay Wadrup-Wolfe  contacted Tom of Devoted pet foods who has donated 54 cans of pure salmon oil and some bags of dog food

Susan Wrightson donated a big soft toy as he needs a new home. He will make a great raffle prize for name the dog!

Denise Maguire donated a cadbury cream egg tree, 55 full size cream eggs and 8 mini eggs!!!!

Samnooshka Designs who donated £100.00........ 50% to AMCUK and 50% to Benvardin Kennels

Izabela Nawrocka and John Philips donated Supefuel 6.8 kgs

Rosie Bterrier who donated a lovely blue/silver charm bracelet

John and Roo Binding donated Dog food

Louise Burgess donated Dog food

Sarah Leanne Rokushii Akitas contacted Dave Chapman - Finest pet-supplies and Kitsune Akitas who donated Dog food

Lindsey Haley contacted Pets Corner at Bicester Wyevale centre for their kind donation.

Georgina Aiston donated Dog food

Avril Roper donated Dog food

Ange Anderson donated Dog food

Julie and Dale Wilson donated Dog food

Sami Armento donated dog food

Kim Armento donated dog food

Jaimie Buchanan donated Dog food and also contacted Paul & Alison from ALPA Pet Discount Ware house who donated Beds, Blankets, Collars and Toys

Jo Sugden donated Dog food

Karen and Lee Baker donated Dog food

Julie & Steve McThail donated Dog food and toys

Louise Allen donated Dog food, shampoo, grooming combs,

Rachael Bailey donated CSJ ‘Lap It Up’ and Devoted Poultry Treat pouches

Sandra Springett donated dog toys

Jackie Wix donated dog toys

Becki Woodhead donated dog toys

Jordan Marshall donated dog food

Eddie at Cobby Dog donated dog food

Hazel Fitzgibbon and Penny Roberts donated dog toys

Sam Robotham & Ryan Reader donated Dog food

Carol Atherton donated food and toys

Anna Darlow donated Dog food

Mandy Marriot donated Dog food and toys

Steve and Julie McPhail donated Dog food and toys

Jen Effler sent from the USA multi bottles of shampoo, pin brushes, wide tooth combs

Sue Bellamy donated 4 harness

Sally Hamer donated DAP plug in and liquid diffuser

Donna Newton donated DAP plug in, liquid diffusers, toys, collars

Tina and Andy Dolan donated food and contacted John and madzia Angell who donated 2 x Pure Scottish Salmon Oil 2.5 ltr -

Omi Wan Kanobi donated Bedding and towels

Eve Dunk donated Toys, bedding, 2 Doxlock harnesses and she also contacted Pets at Home at Oak Beck Way, who donated Dog Food 1 x 15kg Wainright puppy

Storm Roger, Guide Dogs for the Blind Association and friends at Headley Ringcraft donated Dog food, toys, bedding, towels, treats and Cash donation

Charlotte Druce paid for boxes to be used to help us store and transport the donations in

Niomi (Omi Wan Kanobi) donated Bedding and Towels

Anne Lindsey donated collars and leads

Sarah Towers donated collars, leads and harness and also few bits that was sold at the AMCUK auction

Claire Wilkinson donated dog food

Louise Forster and John Forster donated dog food

Jo Sugden and Glyn Cameron donated Cooked Bones and bags of dog treats

Dawn Plant-Weatherall made Liver cake and sold it at the AMCUK Club show and raised £72.70

Jayne Atkinson who donated a New Wolf fleece coat and New Wolfe T-shirt that sold at the AMCUK auction

Julie Cox who donated few bits to be sold at the AMCUK auction

Anne Lindsey donated lots of mixed items to be sold on the auction page and raised £317.00

Paula Piper contacted a few pet company and they donated dog food, treats, toys and goodies

Granton Dog Rescue donated large dog bed dog food, blankets and duvets  

Carol Isherwood donated Blankets, Duvets and dog food

Laura Allen at Tails Talk Dog Walking donated Blankets, dog bowls and collars

Alison Claire Client at Margos Canine Training donated Toys and blankets

Highland Pet Supplies donated 15kg bag of dog food

Chantals Walk about donated bag of towels and a couple of leads

Margo Howatson - Margos Canine Training and Pet supplies donated dog food, bottle of salmon oil

Donna Jarvis paid for postage for blankets and bath sheets to be sent out for the dogs

Julie Greaves donated some collars

Dian Jackson donated dog food and toys

Sari Maud donated dog toys and Treats

Martin and Carol Sheilds sent donation of food